Mindful Communication Course

  • Deepen your emotional connections
  • Transform judgment/criticism into understanding/connection
  • Listen so others are really heard
  • Care for your own needs first to fuel compassion for others
  • Get what you want more often without using demands, guilt or shame

Session 1 : Applying Mindful Communication (MC) with Ourselves

How we treat ourselves—our self–compassion–is the foundation to living and acting with love and understanding in the world. When we develop a robust sense of self-love, we can grow from the difficulties and mistakes in our life. In this first session the importance of self-compassion will be explored.

    Session 2 : A Radically Different Kind of Honesty

    Many of us were raised with an honesty and a view of the world that was based on retribution and justice with clear poles of right and wrong, good or bad. This type of thinking, is the basis for violence on our planet. MC offers an alternative–a radically different kind of honesty. This session will focus on this new way of viewing and interpreting the events and individuals around us. In the center of this new honesty is the development of the skills necessary to identify and communicate what is alive in us–that which is needed in response to something that has or has not happened.Topics Include:

    • Differentiating observations from evaluations
    • Learning how to identify our needs
    • The practice of making clear requests

    Session 3 : Empathically Connecting With Others

    In order to connect with another person, we must be able to hold not only that which is alive within us, but what is alive within the other person. We need to understand their point of view without the stain of criticism or blame. Empathy is the key to the process of compassionately connecting with others. Its basis is the practice of understanding the feelings and needs of another person. Session four will uncover these principles and how to remain present to another person.

    Topics Include:

    • Developing the skill to differentiate between receiving information empathically versus non-empathically
    • Behaviors that prevent us from being present to another person’s needs and feelings
    • Understanding what to do when others judge your actions

    Session 4 : Living Compassionately with Celebration and Gratitude

    The habitual patterns of our culture usually use praise and compliments as a form of manipulation, and are based in judgment and fear. NVC promotes the expression of praise and compliments as an act of gratitude intended to celebrate how life has been enriched by another’s actions. Learning how to express gratitude within the guidelines of NVC will be the topic of this final session.

    Topics Include:

    • Celebrating the power we have to enrich life
    • Learning to whole-heartedly receive gratitude
    • Learning to give feedback

    Practical information

    Date: Saturdays 23, 30 March, 6, 12 April Time: 10:30 - 13:00 hrs
    Maximum participants: 12
    Time investment: 4 x 2, 5 hrs & 4 hrs of home-exercises

    Individual rate: €  250  
    (When you will be paying for the training from your own pocket).
    ZZP rate: €  300  
    (If you you running your own business, and you want an invoice)
    Buisness rate: € 500
    (If you work for a profit making company and they will pay for the training).

    If any of the above prices would make it difficult for you to attend, please speak to Bart – concessions are available.

    Prices are free of V.A.T and including materials, coffee/tea.

    CNVC certificate

    At the end of this course you will receive a Center for NonViolent Communication certificate  www.cnvc.org

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